As a passionate photographer and video editor since 2012, I have recently transitioned into a professional role. I've had the opportunity to create visual content for influencers and work for the press, particularly in areas such as Japanese culture, cosplay, the film industry, fashion, and even corporate settings.
Influenced by pop culture and my surroundings, my work has allowed me to travel to various countries. Through my experience, I've been invited as a guest or judge at various conventions to speak about my passion for cosplay photography, both in France and abroad.
I've had the opportunity to work for magazines such as ANIMELAND and events like Japan Expo, and my images have been featured in various publications. I've also been a finalist and semi-finalist in competitions such as Phocus or the Cosplay Gen Awards.
Based in the Paris region, I am willing to travel anywhere in France or Europe to undertake my projects.
For any inquiries or quotation requests, feel free to contact me via the form below or by email at
Guests : JAPAN TOUCH COSPLAY, AVIGNON GEEK EXPO 2018 & 2022, JAPAN EXPO 2022, ANIME'CON (Poland), Toulouse Game Show 2021, AKI PARTY 2021 - 2023, MANGA CHRITSMAS PARTY (MAISON OTAKU), LET'S PLAY PARIS, Manga Barcelona 2023. 
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